Deconstructing Defeat

I went to KWAR! Some observations:

C&T melee is the best (but we already knew that) Rapier spears are problematic (but we already knew that) If you don’t wear a white scarf in a foreign kingdom, people assume you’re a goob until you prove otherwise (but we mostly already knew that) Sport fencers seem to […]

More Thoughts on HEMA Tournaments

Swordfish 2015, the premier HEMA event in the world, happened on Halloween weekend. As always, the amount of actual HEMA that showed up was variable. Longsword was kinda beautiful. Rapier and dagger, on the other hand … well, you be the judge:

Let’s start with the acknowledgement that HEMA tournaments aren’t trying to be […]

In lieu of a real post…

Project just locked today, so maybe I’ll have a brain cell or two free next week. Until then, make sure you have a good backup plan:

Hold on, it’s coming

Work’s a pain in the butt, musings on my fencing over the past couple of weeks, as well as logistical preparations for melee, footwork, and my own personal holistic approach to fencing, are all brewing. But too much arguing with clients has soaked up all of my spare words.

Meanwhile, I’ve migrated the content from […]