Gulf Wars 2014, Part 2: Wherein Ruairc Grouses About Melee


As it happened, all of the melee was on Wednesday.

Field Battle – your usual no-rez, no-cover brouhaha. Atlantia was deployed with the Trimarian Pony Lords (yes, seriously) on the right flank. We were stacked there, in numbers and skill; the idea was to smash through and roll them. At lay-on, we charged in […]

Gulf Wars 2014, Part 1: Wherein Ruairc Dissembles

Attendance was a good 30 or so of the cream of Atlantian fencing. I think I had more fun, in the aggregate, than I did at either Pennsic XL or XLI. It’s a nice atmosphere. People don’t take it so seriously. But you, gentle reader, didn’t come here to read about the ambiance …



Night on the Town

Last weekend, Ruairc, Letia, Ibrahim, and myself piled in a car and headed up to Night on the Town.

Blacksword Tournament:

The day started off as many events do, with a Blacksword tournament. Blacksword tournaments are fought single pass, single elim with double kills counting as a loss for both fighters. This one had a […]

On University, and New Folks

A week ago, I went to University to teach some classes. (Gawin was supposed to come co-teach, but life intervened.) Our classes were three:

Rapier Melee Fundamentals – providing a mental framework for new fighters to process melee, based on how my own brain works in melee. When in measure, focus on swords: stymie threats, […]

Ymir 2014

Because nobody else has made this post yet.

February 22 was the official day of the Rag’narok. So, of course, the weather was a balmy 70 degrees, with nary a Giant in sight. About thirty fencers showed, which was lower-than-usual attendance. Not sure why. I guess they don’t like fighting.

The Tourney

Traditionally, Ymir is […]

Serf’s Uprising

Last Weekend, our very own Aedh Ua Ruairc hosted us at Serf’s Uprising. As the name implies, the day was filled with melee fighting that pitted rebellious serfs against their rightful noble lords. There was more than enough schtick to go around, and Wistric was the RMiC. At the beginning of the day, teams were […]

War of the Wings 2013

I’m realizing a hurdle to writing up these post-mortis is the high standards to which I hold myself. At WoW I DFB’d commanders, ran lines, and held off five fighters at a time, but so what? I’m a white scarf, that’s my job (this is why white scarves don’t tend to get shark’s teeth). If […]

Assessment 2013

We had 16 fencers, of whom only two are regular readers of this blog. Some old, crotchety White Scarves insisted that we used to have much better turnout, and that Atlantian melee skills have eroded over the last few years. One is surprised he didn’t hear them yearning for the good old days of epee […]

Stierbach BB and Some Observations

The Jaunty Lads headed up to Warrenton for a bit of fencing this weekend—a combined eight hours of driving, all for someone else’s baronial birthday. Might be a Foxworthyesque joke somewhere in that …

The event was hosting a pentathlon (A&S, armored, rapier, archery, thrown weapons). Cool stuff, but I have only one skill. For […]

Ruby Joust II

How’d it go?