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Attendance was a good 30 or so of the cream of Atlantian fencing. I think I had more fun, in the aggregate, than I did at either Pennsic XL or XLI. It’s a nice atmosphere. People don’t take it so seriously. But you, gentle reader, didn’t come here to read about the ambiance …


I piled into a van with three others (Letia, whom you know; Silentz, a bard from up north; and Ibrahim, who authorized at Ymir but has a helluva go-gettim attitude) for the long drive down. And it was long. 13 hours. It was made somewhat longer when the van’s alternator died about two hours out from site, draining our battery, and AAA decided we were “too far away” to come help. One wonders why one is paying for service like that. We stayed the night in a hotel. Less than optimal, all in all, but I got a chance to read.


We fixed the van. We arrived on site. I did not arrive in time for the tavern battle, which I was sad to miss. Some other stuff happened that evening, but as none of it was fighting-related, I’ll skip it.


It rained. Everything was wet. Much of the fighting for the day (and there wasn’t a lot) was cancelled. I did, however, spend a grand few hours talking to one Asa from the East in which I learned more about metallurgy, blogging, and running a business than I’ve learned, uh, ever. I’ve a lot of ideas now for future work. We’ll see where it goes.

I was a bit grumpy at the time, as initial reports were that our Esteemed Competition, led by Ansteorra, was grossly outnumbered – and rumor was that the Anesteorran king, not much-liked, was the reason for this. I’m not a fan of driving far for a few curb-stomp battles, especially when several hundred people lose out on fun due to the antics of a few blowhard royals. I was earnestly hoping that Atlantia would switch sides; as it happened, Atlantia stayed with Trimaris, but other Trimarian allies went to Ansteorra to make it a good fight. In the end, it was almost balanced.

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