Coronation of Vlad and Kalysa

Friday night, Livia, Girard, Guenievre, and I vanned up to Stierbach for the Coronation of their new Majesties Atlantia, Vlad and Kalysa (So when you get asked who you fight for, remember this, for the next six months at least).

King Vlad, being of a warlike countenance, asked that instead of the traditional tournaments that […]

WWW goes to Pennsic: Rapier Field Battles

Atlantia rallied for the field battle at 2pm on Monday. I, still sporting a wave in my hair from my recent use as a model in a headdress class (lots of pictures available, if you know where to look), headed out to the field with Her Excellency to see…

The Armored Forces of the Knowne […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 25: Town Battles

As I’ve mentioned, there is no greater rush on the melee field than the first clash in the woods. But given my druthers, I’d rather fight a town battle. While a woods battle is chock full of visceral rushes, no setting is more rewarding to a practiced melee fighter than a town battle. Here, […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 21: Woods Battles

There is, quite possibly, no greater rush on the melee field than the first clash in the woods. At ‘Lay on’, the enemy is invisible, unlike all other scenarios, and you charge forward towards your goal not knowing if you’ll make it before the enemy appears; not knowing if you’re […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 20: Limited Fronts and Killing Cups

For rapier fighting, there is exactly one approved method for defending a gate, door, fort, castle, or any other structure with an access point limited to 1-5 fighters wide: form a killing cup, stab anybody who tries to come through the door.

A properly formed killing cup is a semicircle, centered on the doorway, with […]