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(thank you for reminding me, Mattheu)

Not much in the way of fighting this week, due to work being a pain in the butt (again).  No post-Turkey Day event, no Tuesday practice because of work issues.  So by Thursday I was sore (my muscles get sore if I don’t fence), stressed, and cranky.  Perfect time to go fight!

New Joe, Skippy, and Charlotte showed , an okay crowd for a damp and cold evening.  I worked my buckler game, and mostly worked on my own form other than that.


I can, and should, fight to teach, with precision

Especially against Joe, I focused on keeping my parries and movements tight.  Since he’s newer, I tend to make my motions slower and bigger with him.  But by tightening down my parries, it forced his game up a notch.  So apparently it’s not straight-up bastardy to bring something approximating an A game to a newbie fight.  There were a couple of times my parries got overly-aggressive, but I was able to recognize them almost immediately and dial back.

Other than that, my footwork was okay (there were a few times my back foot came up in an attack, but I’ll blame that on the mud rather than my own failure to drill footwork), and I kept range.

Start teaching how to watch a fight sooner

I usually don’t sit down and start discussing how to watch bouts with a fighter until they’re good and proficient.  But with Joe we started discussing Charlotte and Skippy fighting on Thursday, and he seemed to take to it pretty well.  Maybe it’s just that he’s working on being PhD New Joe, and has a decent set of neurons between his ears, but I think I’ll attempt that more often.

Placing shots instead of throwing shots?  Not even thought about.  I think I may take that to the backyard and work on the pell with it.

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