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Not a whole lot happened this week.  I got out to Tuesday practice but Thursday practice was rained out.  Well, mudded (muddied?) out, due to Their Ex’s yard being turned in to a mudpit by a day of rain.  Hit the gym on Monday and on Thursday (Wednesday was the day of a horrible, all-day-long, NSAID-proof headache), which basically means my knees have been sore all week.  On the other hand, since I’ve been reading The Book of Martial Power while on the bike, I’ve made a lot of headway in it.  No biking today, though; gotta drive down to Savannah for family business (which means no Elkin Fight Club Sunday, which makes me sad).

Roz and Benjamin were there on Tuesday.  I worked buckler, which sagged a bit when my arm fatigued.  But my game improved our second set of passes, when she switched to case.  Not based on a subjective, results-against-her-case-form measure, but based on my buckler game matching my goal: more accurate and complete blocks, more active and aggressive assaults.  Fighting Ben reminded me, as it always does, that my cardio is not up-to-snuff (which is why I do the cross-country program on the bike, it’s essentially random intervals).  On the other hand, my lunge practice is starting to pay off with a well-timed, effortless lunge that required almost no thought.  Of such simple things is my happiness made.

My e-mail account has an interesting discussion ongoing, which might actually result in a melee-related post on this blog about warfare, but not until April or so.

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