Town battle

The objective in the town battle was to hold 3 flags that formed a line across the middle of a symmetric field between the two armies. The flag on our left was placed on a bridge extending from the castle entranceway with a path towards it on either side. The flag in the middle was […]

Pennsic 39

Since Wistric was unable to be at Pennsic this year, he asked me to write about the battles. First, a general overview:

The Windmasters’ group included Letia, Calli, and myself and we were placed under the command of Raphael as part of the southern regional unit. Our unit included the fighters from Black Diamond (Michael […]

Tournament of Ymir

Rather than working up to it, I’ll just start off by saying I am cranky about my Ymir. I am disappointed in myself, really, and it has made me mopey for the past two days. We’ll see if I can’t kick that funk on Tuesday. Anyway, needed to get that out so I didn’t dwell […]