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Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 33: How to get in to the backfield   12 comments

Dusting off the old WWW title and taking it for a spin to write down some thoughts on getting in to the backfield of the enemy. There are a few basic skills that are absolutely necessary for this to be successful.  But, like EB White, I’ll get to that thesis sentence at the end of […]

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Sapphire Joust 2010   13 comments

Sapphire Joust promised to be interesting.  What with the whole rebuilding my fight, again, in the past three months, I wasn’t actually sure how well it would go off, but was fairly confident I’d be able to do well in the tourney. I went in with an intentional range disadvantage: I didn’t trust the forty’s […]

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Journal, 5/31   Leave a comment

The week was more devoid of fencing than previous weeks.  Something about being back working a full time job means there’s just no time for fencing.  But somebody has to pay for the swords.  I’ve kept up the running, but not the lunging.  Time to change that, too… Tuesday Tuesday I went and fought armored.  […]

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Giganti 6 – Guards, or Postures   2 comments

Just one section from this week’s study, but it’s a section rich in awesomeness.  Yet again, half a page (page 7) packed with good stuff.  I think by this point, Agrippa was already in to full on “nifty tricks you can do from this guard” mode.  Giganti’s still laying down the groundwork of combat theory.  […]

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Giganti 5 – How to Deliver the Thrust/Why I Begin with Single Sword   1 comment

We return to page 4, where we find the first instance of Italian Rapier Soft Core Porn.  You know, I really do appreciate being able to see the exact orientation of each muscle and joint in an action or guard (at least, when the engraver doesn’t go for Rodin-esque distortions), but concentrating on pages full […]

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Journal 5/24   Leave a comment

Only about seven entries behind, but as Ricky Fleming used to say, ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.  So allons-y! Monday and Thursda Monday, Letia and I went to the Gymnast’s place to cross swords with him.  That day, and again on Thursday, my personal focus was on gearing up the Venetian fight […]

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