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Only about seven entries behind, but as Ricky Fleming used to say, ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.  So allons-y!

Monday and Thursda

Monday, Letia and I went to the Gymnast’s place to cross swords with him.  That day, and again on Thursday, my personal focus was on gearing up the Venetian fight from “experiment” to “tournament”, what with Sapphire Joust coming on Saturday.  More on how well that did or did not work come later, but it meant a lot of burning in the left thigh.  That whole back-weighted stance is just a killer, but I do love the guard illustrated on the left side of Plate 2 of Giganti.  It confuses the hell out of so many people, and is actually protective against those it doesn’t confuse.  I was so single-minded during the fighting, just concentrating on attacking in the tempo of the entry step, or shortly thereafter, that any conversation at the time may have been somewhat boring.  Letia had ordered her copy of Giganti, so I started discussing it with her on Monday and the application of it all.

Two hundred lunges

Twice, on non-fencing days, I did a hundred lunges.  I also  continued the running program.  All of which mean that on Wednesday my body said “No, we’re done.”  I don’t know if it was just a wall, or if it really was my body being spent up, but I cut back on Thursday and Friday in preparation for the tournament.

Gigantism, Eventism, Meleeism, and more are all to come!

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