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Here we come, screaming down off the high of Gulf Wars, and launching full bore into “Pennsic Prep.”  Because 5 months is not enough for those of us about to Iron Man Pennsic (EVERY war point, except maybe if the 5-man is opposite a heavy fight).  Cardio.  Fo shizzo.


Because I’ve been rusty, and because we spent a lot of time having philosophical discussions of the utility of rapier cross-overs on the heavy field, I hoofed it out to heavy practice to fight two-handed weapons of all varieties, and to test out Schadenfreude 2.0 (new shaft, new head, same spear.  Really).  I picked up one of Logan’s wood-grain fiberglass shafts for 25 bucks from Afshin, and slapped a Mandrake rubber tip on it.  The thing is a brute (though not quite as stiff as others I met at war), and brought Schadenfreude 1.0 to insure I’d have somebody to fight spear with.  We also played polearm and greatsword.

After a few passes of greatsword with Gawin, Girard swapped in and did me the excellent service of making sure I did not get too uppity, by closing and whomping me in the time it took to blink.


I ran.  To Girl Talk.  For those of you not exposed to Girl Talk yet, allow me to change that:

Girl Talk – All Day


And rapier practice, with 15 fighters (including two newcomers, including one crossover, and two yutes with beepy swords).  We bear-pitted to start.

Next, I took the newcomers and introduced them to the basics of footwork and bladework, and wrapped just in time to do A New Drill (We learned 3 new drills at Gulf Wars, which shall be shared in the very near future).  After that we did the Advance-Lunge drill, then it was time for more fighting.

After some time in the bearpits I pulled Christy aside to work closing quickly with control of the blade (Hey, Letia, let’s do That Drill next week).  I fought one of the yutes, and worked with Girard on case fighting.  Then we had our first melee practice of the season, includng 3 on 4 and 2 on  2.  I may have referred to Girard as “His Excellency Goofball” at one point, because he was bouncing around the field like a huge-ified version of Benjamin after his teammate died.

Good times, good times.

Today, more running, and then hopping in the car and driving up to Defending the Gate, to fight The Wistric Event tomorrow and practice on Sunday.

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