Atlantia 30 Year: Pretty darn good

So, August 20th, Dante posts this:

Funny?  Yes.

Especially since he, at least, knew this was going to happen on Saturday:

(Image by Llwyd Aldred)

So… yeah, it was a good weekend.

My foot there, with the flame duct-tape?  That’s Das Boot.  They still made me fight my prize, and I think I acquitted myself decently.

I have no idea how the fighting was at that event, somebody else should feel free to comment.

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  • Ruairc

    Vivat Wistric, OWS!

    Fighting? There were like a dozen provosts. It was glorious. And upon meeting him for the first time, I may have made some thoughtless commentary on Dominyk’s height (the rumors of his battlefield prowess somewhat stoked the imagination). I’m sure that’ll haunt me.

  • Staffan Arffuidsson


  • Gawin

    Congratulations again!

    Being as muggy as it was Saturday and being as hungover as I was Saturday and how hot it was Sunday, my memory’s not 100% on some of the details, but as far as I recall:

    5 round Bedford points tourney – Dominyk won
    5? round Bedford Points tourney – Connor? won

    Dominyk got a Sea Stag

    Iron spike tourney – single elimination free scholars only – Armand won against Benjamin in the final
    Double elimination tourney – sword and rigid parry – Geoffrey won from the losers’ bracket over Armand in the final

    Overall, I felt like I didn’t get much fighting in. There were pretty long periods between rounds in the tourneys on Saturday so the tourney took a long time, but involved maybe 30 passes combined. I seemed to have the *luck* of drawing nearly all of my fights against provosts and, while I fought okay, I didn’t last very long in Sunday’s tournament (using a buckler which I don’t really do). I had heard Sunday was supposed to be a bearpit tourney and I was really disappointed that it wasn’t. I did a couple pickups after the tournament, but everyone dispersed pretty quickly.

  • Gawin


    Dominyk made a facebook post about that last night

  • Michael Wymarc

    Congratulations on becoming a Broken Provosts.

  • Dominyk

    I thought your comment was hilarious Ruairc.

    Dominyk – giving hope to short fencers everywhere.

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