This Week in German HMA – July 16th-22nd

Week 2 of the New Plan, and so far, three more for the records:

Mair’s Sickle fight 6: Gemina incisio contra geminam aversionem – Which inspires little commentary

Mair’s Sickle fight 7: Supera et infera incisio cum suis aversionibus – Which makes Wistric swear, SWEAR that he can decode the system, leaving him crouching over […]

This week in German Martial Arts – July 9th-15th

Saturday, hanging out at Letia’s birthday party, Yzra said “I’m almost up to 100 pages translated!” I thought about it, and how I’ve got all of 10 of those pages up for public consumption, and said, “We may need to take a new tack to getting these on the WW.” “How so? Just post one […]

Mair’s Sickle fight 3: Incisio Contra Habitum Hostis Vellendi

From the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. The moment of Patiente’s counter-strike, Agente on left, Patiente on right.


Translation by Rachel Barkley

Incision against the Position of an Enemy Pulling Away

In this fight, if you will have come up nearer to your enemy than before [1], you will place forward the right foot and […]

Mair’s Sickle fight 2: Inferior Et Superior Incisio

From the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

Translation by Rachel Barkley

A Lower and and Upper Incision

In mutual combat, if you have prepared yourself in advance like an athlete for the competition[1], remember that you should fix forward the right foot and against the adversary you should control the grain sickle […]

Mair’s Sickle fight 1: Incisio Superna Falcis Frumentariae De Latere Utroque

From the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Starting positions, Agente on left, Patiente on right

Translation by Rachel Barkley

An Incision of the Grain Sickle from Above Down on Either Side

If you two are mutually engaged with a proper[1] sickle, you should put forward the right foot. You should grasp the sickle with the […]

Sichelfechten 0: Introduction

We’re just about finalized on this bad boy (and moving on to Staff, Scythe, Halberd, and Dussack), so it’s about time to kick this off…

This is a wildly different form from any of my experience. As with dagger fighting, it’s most definitely not fencing. It has some similarities to the two-hander Germanic style which […]

Journal, 10/31: For reals this time

Sort of.

I have gotten completely out of the habit of how to write and document these, so it’s going to be weak. That said:

The Foot is Alright

I’ve had two real practices where my foot felt fully functional, one baronial, one Kbergian (plus a couple of driveway fights). At the baronial practice, fighting […]

Mair’s Peasant Flail 8: Duo Superni Ictus

From the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Translation by Rachel Barkley

Two High Blows

Here you will wish to use now the following position properly. You will place forward the right foot and you will grasp the body of the flail in the middle with the right hand, and you will apply the left hand to […]

Mair’s Peasant Flail 7: Habitus Superni Ictus Contra Inferiorem

From the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Translation by Rachel Barkley

The Position of a High Blow Against a Low One

You will position your body in this kind of competition by reasoning which will soon be described[1]. You will fix forward the left foot, you will grasp the flail in Scales[2] against the enemy so […]

Mair’s Peasant Flail 6: Ratio Superni Ictus Contra Medium


From the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Translation by Rachel Barkley

Reckoning of a High Blow against the Middle 

You will accustom yourself to a fight of this kind: Put forward the left foot, grasp the body of the flail with both hands from your right flank[1] against your enemy, from this position thence you […]