This Week in German HMA – September 10th to September 16th

Five more to go, I wonder if we can squeeze them out in one week.  Then we can move on to tree branches!

In the meantime, definitely time to get on those metal simulators…

Mair’s Sickle fight 12: Incisio supera contra eam qua latus impetitur  – Pay no attention to the deviation from the system, proceed as planned!

Mair’s Sickle fight 13: Incisiones duae adhibitis suis aversionibus  – It’s possible Paulus Hector Mair is starting to make shit up at this point.

Mair’s Sickle fight 14: Binae inferiores incisiones – In which Mair teaches us to always wear a cup.


Almost made it… two more to go.

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