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Since I won’t be fencing this week, thereby depriving me of anything to talk about, I thought I would just stay silent.  But then I realized that was just not gonna happen.  So I have a couple of questions for the readership, and would especially love to hear from non-Atlantians:

1) What is the median* tournament blade length of intermediate to advanced fighters in your kingdom?  The max and min (discarding dagger fighting and similar stuff)?

2) What is the median primary sword on the melee field in your kingdom?

3) What length is your primary tourney weapon?  Primary melee sword

4) Is the increasing availability of longer weapons good or bad for SCA rapier?

*For the non-statistical nerd types, Median is the middle number, so where as you might have an average(mean) of 37.14″ or 40.5″ or something, your median would be 37 or 38 or 40 or 42 (or whatever other length weapons are available out there)

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11 responses to Question for the Readers: The Arms Race

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