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Had a day of drills and a day of fighting this week, but still not all that much to actually discuss about it.  I say this, and may well see you on other side of 1,000 words, but we’ll find out.  Meanwhile, the event this past weekend was pretty good fun and maybe I’m just thinking about my fighting at that to the point of not being able to think on my fighting over the preceding week.

Drill Monday

Drills happened on Monday (MLK day), but for all the world I can’t remember what we actually did.  Well, wait… I think Gawin showed up, and then Megan and Letia a half hour to an hour later.  We worked Priest and I know we did some other fighting, but my brain appears to think that 7 days is too long to remember much.  However, we did find out that the back-weighted stance hurts a whole lot more if you’re uphill.

Thursday, with the Teaching and the Fighting

We had a new fighter show up, and I took the opportunity to have Megan work on teaching basics while I observed, jawed with a Notable Guest, and provided what guidance I had for Eldrid when it comes to putting a tip on a blade.

Meanwhile, the rest of the practice warmed up with bearpits, but when two fighters decided to have a dagger fight, it became clear they needed more focus, so I sicked Letia on them to organize footwork drills and sword drills until I was ready to rock.  Or, at least, ready to easy listening.

Anybody who remembers fighting me on Thursday and would like to comment, please do so, because it apparently made less of an impression on me than Friday’s breakfast.


The goings on at the start of practice led to a discussion on the drive out to Songs of the Stone on Saturday, and led to Letia putting together a timeline for the practice, including a plan for managing newbs new fencers.  And now she gets to implement it (I may not have told her about that part, yet).

Event post later.

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