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She Who Must Be Obeyed started her new job on Monday, which means economic stability and probably helped drop my blood pressure. Unfortunately, it’s second-shift, which means she’s not home until 11:30. Knock-on effect from that: I haven’t slept well all week, so I took Thursday (practice night) to nap, and it was oh so wonderful. So there’s nothing to report on the fencing front, oh well, but there ARE results to report on the Armored front!

Tuesday practice at His Excellency’s house saw His Ex, Miguel III (aka Trunk Monkey, aka Chris the New Guy), and me fighting in the front yard. Despite being out of practice for a month or two, I felt like I was, at least initially, executing attacks pretty effectively, and doing really well at it. But I began to fatigue quickly, so that goes back to the top of the list of things to do with myself (must go running tonight…).
Also, I’ve started playing with two-hander (because, why not be authorized in every combat form?), which is really fun, but there are some parts of it where my limited knowledge of period two-hander doesn’t help. Most of all, though, for the first time that I can remember, I have A Thing to work on in armored fighting: Stepping behind my weapon when I block. Apparently, half-assed parries in rapier without putting your body behind your sword have a parallel in polearm and two-hander, and just sliding my weapon across my body leaves my flanks too exposed (as Girard pointed out, kinetically, many times). So, the next few practices I’ll be reminding myself to step off-line when blocking an attack, and then following through with footwork on my counter attack.

Also, 55.
And a big congrats to Letia for reaching 60 before me.

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