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Hey, look, actually writing one of these the week it happens.  Will wonders never cease.  Eh, they probably will.  Don’t hold your breath on next week.

Anyway… drills!  Didn’t happen this week.  They’re being moved to Sundays afternoon, starting this coming Sunday, so the only opportunity I had to put a sword in my hand was on Thursday.  This, actually, was for the best, as my leg strain continues to trouble me and the rest it got on Tuesday and Wednesday did it good and meant I had almost no guff from it on Thursday.

So, Thursday!  We continued with the New Plan, of 45 minutes of drilling bracketed by warmup bearpits and then training and other bearpits.

During the post-drilling teaching time, I worked with Rory on single-tempo dagger defense and being relaxed while in guard.  With Rachel and Jason we worked on lowering the center of gravity so they could move faster, more smoothly, and lunge more efficiently, and also with Rachel she and I worked on extending before she does any action, to drive her opponent’s point down to her guard.

My own form was actually doing pretty good.  I scored a higher-than-normal rate of Proper One-Tempo Kills, felt well defended and mobile, and generally pretty comfortable.  We’ll see if it pays off on Saturday.

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