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I did not, for various reasons, get out and fight this week (I will tomorrow at Spring Assessment). And I can’t even think up a good question for the masses. So, here’s your topic:
Cav Unit Tactics are neither Cavalry, nor Tactics. Discuss!

(Or, what do you all want to see me blather on about, if anything?)

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  • Dante di Pietro

    What changes have you made to your fighting in the last year, and how have they helped you improve?

      • Dante di Pietro

        Good thing I’m definitely not trying to help you, or anything.

        Don’t lose the forest for the trees. Those journals have bits and pieces, but taking a step back and seeing where you’ve gone and where you started can be a very useful tool– not just for you, but for other people looking at your path whether they are further along or trying to catch up.

        • Bah

          A more detailed post is probably needed to really answer the question, but, basically, in the past year my concept of tempo has taken leaps and bounds into a full-fledged tactical concept, though there is still room for overcoming reaction and instinct in its implementation. Form has gone from “I’m young and quick, I can beat you” to more of a “I’ll actually defend myself, keep the line closed, be in a state of readiness to strike, and also be young and quick, I can beat you”

  • Michael Wymarc

    No horses are involved, so it is not cav. Also, later period cav tended to be armored, whereas cav units are not. Most importantly, cav units do not have the same speed advantage cavalry did. Their speed is only slightly higher than that of the line.

    As for the tactics bit, according to the word tactics was not used until 1620-30, out of period. Therefore they do not exist and we do not have any tactics.

  • Staffan Arffuidsson


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