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How does a newbie get the most out of her melee experience?

Most of my questions thus far have been centered on a fencer’s solo experience (although many of the answers have had universal applications). In light of upcoming events, however, I thought it prudent to gather some intelligence on how to avoid becoming perfututa during the loss of my melee maidenhead. For some strange reason, lately I’ve been fantasizing about standing atop a pile of hapless victims, cackling madly as the blood flows like wine around me. Mmm, crushing enemies. Sadly, most of my brain realizes that it won’t be like this at all. I’m fully expecting to die frequently.  Please, O Learned Ones, tell me how one might turn what is likely to be a frustrating experience into something that is profitable, if perhaps not always fun.

Posted March 26, 2009 by Dreya in Newbie Question of the Week

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