War of the Wings VI Round 2: Leading questions

As much as I hate the totally non-content-generating nature of Facebook (seriously, I feel shame looking at my own wall and realizing how much of it is just “I THOUGHT THIS WAS AWESOME YOU SHOULD TOO!”  Though, isn’t what this blog tends to be anyway?) I do wish I could tag people.  Because some I know have thoughts on…

The Authorizations

There were at least 12 that I know of, possibly more, and two were minors.  Now, some got to hear day-of my thoughts, but I’d rather not just fill this space with me bitching, so I’d rather ask:
If you were there and participated (Antonio Manolo, Tassin, et al.) what were your thoughts?

How’d they sit with your expectations of the activity?

The Boat Battle

For those of you who fought in it or marshaled it (eh, all of you?), how’d it go?  What did you try?  What worked, what didn’t?  What could have changed to shift the outcome?

The Woods Battle

Same questions as the boat battle, really.

The Free Scholar Prize of Count Sinclair

If you were there, how do you think it went?  How was it treated by the audience?  If you were on site but not there… why?

3 comments to War of the Wings VI Round 2: Leading questions

  • Gawin

    Ok, first off, your Captcha includes Hebrew characters. WTF?

    I’ve been rolling a post around in my head about the 2 hour wait before we started the ship and considering how a lot of the fighting went later in the day, I think the answer is melee practice.

    We’re on a Boat: RBG + no resurrections + whole battle in range = bad idea. After waiting for 2 hours, we could have run this half a dozen times instead of waiting some more so that the woods could be set up.

    Tactically, at one point I put a 4-fighter wide hole in the stern-side killing cup, walked in, killed their gunner, turned, cursed the lack of DFB, then tried to kill the rest of the cup from the front, wished I had a dagger, died. More importantly, nobody followed me into an 8 foot wide breach in a killing cup.

    The Woods: We fought with the yellow team (Black Diamond/Raven’s Cove) for the ship and first two woods fights and purple (Sacred Stone/Hawkwood) for the last woods battle.

    Battle 1: WH advanced on the right, pushed way past the flag without noticing. Found the flag 15 min into the 20 min battle. Gunners were assigned to sit at the flag, the line was held pretty close to purple rez. We probably should have stayed closer to the flag so that the gunners could have some fun.

    Battle 2: WH advanced on the right, went past the flag, pushed purple back to their rez. At one point we killed their left flank, performed a wheel and DFB’ed 5 guys simultaneously, wheeled again and did the same. After that, we didn’t really regroup as a unit. I ended up fighting in the middle of the line most of the battle. There was a tree that separated their line roughly at the middle. I spent the battle tricking their line to the left (from my perspective) of the tree to advance too far forward, and then killed them all from their exposed flank repeatedly. Afterwards, I’d go DFB their left flank and return to the middle before they came back from rez.

    Battle 3: WH switched to purple team and once again advanced up the right. After a while, I ended up on the left instead (all by myself, mostly) and spent the whole battle repeating the following:

    1.) kill the 3-4 fighters on yellow’s right flank
    2.) run/walk quickly (and inconspicuously) towards the backsides of yellow’s left flank
    3.) DFB Raph and/or Aedan on the way (they were in the middle)
    4.) DFB as many people as possible on yellow’s left starting with Armand/Matteu/Michael/Thomas if possible
    5.) DFB as many people in yellow’s middle as possible, starting with any of the aforementioned if possible.

    I’d get as many as I could before someone killed me, go rez and start the process over again.

    Free Scholar Prize: I didn’t go because I forgot it was happening. It probably should have occurred between the ship and woods or in the 2 hours of waiting that preceded the fighting.

  • Tassin

    These could have been better organized. There were a lot of people who needed to authorize and the marshals and ushers trickled out onto the field to do authorizations causing the whole process to take longer than necessary. Also a bit strange, the MoL wasn’t giving authorizing fighters their paperwork until after they passed adding a bit more inefficiency as the marshals would have to stop what they were doing to sign the fighters paperwork.

    There were 5 battles planned for Saturday to be split (either 3:2 or 2:3) between woods and boat battles at the whim of whichever side won the champions battle. Thankfully, the winning side chose 3 woods battles and 2 boat battles.

    The boat battle consisted of a single boat at dock with 2 gangplanks allowing access to the boat. There was also “water” on the sides of each gangplank. RBGs were allowed, DFB was not and there was no resurrection. Like Gawin said, the boat battle could have been run many times. I was marshaling the 2 boat battles.

    The first boat battle had yellow defending the boat and purple attacking. If purple had a plan other than rush the gangplanks it wasn’t obvious enough for me to remember it. Yellow held the boat easily.

    The second boat battle reversed the sides. The Dragoons lined up at the bottom of the stern gangplank in front of a line of gunners. At lay on they came forward a little, ducked down and allowed a volley of RBG fire to hit the defenders, they then promptly charged. If I remember correctly they managed to gain some ground but were quickly dispatched, unfortunately the remaining yellow forces did not follow up on the attack so their sacrifice didn’t accomplish much. Eventually the stern gangplank fell and the 1 surviving attacker, Aedan, went to help at the Forward gangplank. Since DFB was disallowed and he was short one arm this involved switching his sword for his dagger walking up on a legged opponent and killing him. From there the remaining defenders were overcome by the few remaining attackers. Round 2 goes to yellow as well.

    The woods battle was arranged not unlike Summoners Rift,”lanes” with passable brush on either side. Instead of towers there were 3 flags. Whichever side holds the most flags at 20 minutes wins the battle. DFB and RBGs are both allowed. Neither side knew where the flags were located to begin the fight. Released from my MiT responsibilities I got to fight so I joined up with Windmaster’s Hill and fighting happened…or would have if the woods had been set up.

    Woods 1:
    Eventually the flags (small pieces of yellow fabricy stuff)were set and the res points were designated and Lay on was called. The only plan that I know yellow had was A) find the flags B) hold the flags. WH pushed up the right at lay on and pushed and pushed until we were presumably well past the flag (I don’t think I ever actually saw the flag for that lane). Before too long we were forced back to meet up with the rest of the yellow force on that flank. At that point the fighter to the left of me died and took relatively forever to get out of my line of sight resulting in me getting killed by somebody I couldn’t see. The rest of the battle for me consisted of going to wherever yellow looked weakest when I ressed and joining the line. Because the brush in this woods was so light it was incredibly easy to get behind a line and start DFBing people. In the first battle I was pretty good about not getting DFBed, on several occasions either by warning or just being lucky I was able to turn and attack a flanker before he was able to get in position to DFB. I still died most of the times this happened, but not without warning my line and wounding or killing my attacker. After 20 minutes Yellow held more flags and won. At this point Yellow had taken the warpoint.

    Woods 2:
    The two sides switched res points after the first battle. In the second battle Yellow was more clearly dominant. From what I saw most of the battle was fought between the flags and purples res point. There was a lot more DFB. Yellow won again.

    Woods 3:
    Things were a bit lopsided so WH, being free to fight where we chose for this event, switched sides. Since neither side was particularly coordinated this led to a few moments of “Hey weren’t we just fighting together?” or “Weren’t we just trying to kill you?” once the fighting started. WH started on the far lane and made our way past the flag until we ran into the dragoons who we played with for a bit before needing to fall back. At some point I died and ressed alone. I ended up spending much of the fight on the center path. During this fight in particular I think I got DFBed far more than I got killed from the front. This fight was more fun, we were able to press a bit more than when we had the opponent backed up against their res point. There were also more 2v2 or 3v3 moments as the region closer to the flag had more interesting terrain. During these small unit fights I got a few kills when one enemy would charge my partner and I was free to simply bring my sword into their gut as they exposed themselves while the enemy across from me did nothing. Purple still lost but the fight was closer.

    Overall thoughts on the woods:
    Compared to the woods battle at Pennsic both sides were lacking any sort of command presence. People were ressing where they wanted to and for the most part ressing individually. This led to certain lanes not getting reinforced when they needed it. Having somebody directing traffic would have been helpful. As an aside,WH was seldom able to res as a unit but often I found myself ressing with Antonio or Jaume or both. In addition, I feel that the very frequent DFBs could have been mitigated if 1 or 2 people were set to act as a reserve behind the line. This reserve could shout a warning or go to engage the flanker trying to come around and DFB. While lines established themselves naturally in the lanes they weren’t actually protected by the terrain, to avoid flanking some sort of guard is necessary.

    Free Scholar Prize:
    It happened, the part with the false edge draw cuts was entertaining.

  • Ruairc

    Waxing philosophic:

    Talk of reserves always invites the “but then you’re pulling fighters from your line” counterargument. Which seems valid in the context of, say, a 10-on-10 field battle, but pretty meaningless in a 30-on-32 woods battle. Particularly since your reserves can also act as commanders or scouts, and doubly so if they’re allowed guns.

    Is sticking with your unit advisable or even practical in a woods battle? It seems like it could be done with a little patience and coordination (setting a rally point for rezzers, not advancing into the enemy line before you reach a certain strength), and has obvious benefits over forming on the flank of the nearest Goob Patrol. Being slower to rejoin the fray is a drawback, but over the course of a woods battle—where people are going to get tired from all that running anyway—more efficient fighting, with a unit you know and can trust, and a more measured expenditure of energy from less nonstop sprinting may even it out in the end. And attacking in force is vital for ousting an opponent from a defended point like a flag.

    It seems there was very little organization all round, but nobody really stepped up to whip his army into shape. Any tips or direction for taking command on-the-fly? My experience is that if you stand tall and yell at people, they usually do what you tell them (and certain Provosts are all “did you see a problem? Go fix the problem”), but this isn’t going to help much if they lack melee fundamentals. File that under the advantages of sticking with your unit.

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