Journal, 10/31-ish, but really just “the past two months”

This past week I actually got out and ran for the first time since Pennsic.  The foot endured it with little complaint, and let the rest of my body suffer from chronic slack-assitude.  Not, in and of itself, notable, but it does mean it’s time to get back to training and kicking ass and taking names.

Here’s the thing:  I really thought I’d have free time after Pennsic.  Really.  Like “Hey, time to go make some me-time, maybe work on some other things, more baking and heavy fighting, yeah, maybe just relax.”  Instead, I’m sitting here looking at my schedule and trying to fit Kberg meetings, armored fighting, HMA, fencing, drilling, and archery into my schedule, while still actually seeing my wife and home.  And, considering that HMA really is going to be multi-facted for the next few months (slogging through the interpretation of one set of plates, training up the skills of another, improving the class on the third, and oh yeah there’s a quarterstaff class on Thursdays I want to go to), I seem to have run out of days already.

Of course, if it all works out, I’ll be learning rapier, C&T, sword and board, spear, polearm, greatsword, archery, sickle, flail, scythe, and quarterstaff.  Now that I’m a Provost, all I know is that I do not know.

2 comments to Journal, 10/31-ish, but really just “the past two months”

  • Dante di Pietro

    That is pretty much the reason I just do one thing. I eventually want to add in longsword, but there’s only so much time in a day.

    • Having been accused, multiple times, of doing everything 120%, I’m beginning to think it’s a sickness. Still, it’s fun, and the world is just awesome.

      Rachel, can you Latinify “Boom-di-yadda”?

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