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Much like last week we fought warm up passes, fought some Fabris passes and then drilled.


The drills were very similar to last week although we experimented some. We found that the attack where you drop the tip worked well enough coming in at roughly the center of mass because voiding requires a fairly drastic step. This attack aimed at either the outside or the inside line can be voided with a smaller quicker step, meaning that it can be defended against without a parry.


We also discussed blade grasping some. While it doesn’t figure prominently in Fabris (Fabris says that blade grasping is an abysmal way to defend and that he doesn’t think it would be possible with a sharp sword) it is something that can occur during an SCA fight and our tactics need to account for it. Letia made the comment that we should treat it like fighting somebody with a very small cloak in their off hand. Fabris does briefly touch on how to defeat this sort of defense and it is something that we need to look at.


It seems like we have gotten to the point where we are fairly comfortable with the stance and guards. To avoid reinventing the wheel (which our current set of drills feels a bit like) we are going to start looking at the Wounds. For next time (after Thanksgiving) we should look at the first 3 Wounds and plan to drill them.


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