Aethelmarc & Atlantia vs. The Knowne Worlde   4 comments

Aethelmarc and Atlantia are going to fight the East and the Mid at Pennsic.

This is awesome.  If you’re a fencer.

Most heavy fighters I’ve talked to think it’s stupid.  Not sure why.

Some pelicans think Atlantia’s getting ripped off: The East, Mid, and Aethelmarc get a cut of the profits.  Atlantia doesn’t.

But the fencers think it’s awesome.

Her Dameness Rosalind Delamere has said repeatedly over the years that Pennsic should be Atlantia and Aethelmarc vs. the Knowne Worlde.  There may or may not be an unspoken “Because we need Aethelmarc for cannon fodder.”  Yes, Atlantia is prideful.  You would be, too, if you were Atlantia.

On the other hand, after years of big talk, we now have to nut up.  Which we will.  Probably.  So long as Aethelmarc gets in front of the cannons like they’re supposed to (Hi Aethelmartians!).

Really, it’ll be awesome, and if nothing else, there’ll be a whole lot of them to kill.

Posted February 6, 2012 by wistric in Musings

4 responses to Aethelmarc & Atlantia vs. The Knowne Worlde

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