Obligatory Justification of Existence

A year and a half ago I started a small project to send a once-a-week e-mail to the Kappellenberg fencing e-mail list with some musing apropos of melee and combat in general, to try to spark some of the philosophical discussion that a fighter practice is not necessarily conducive towards.  The eventual goal would be to combine it all into a single document vaguely resembling a manual.

It lasted four e-mails, not necessarily on a weekly basis.  This is the way of things.

But recent developments raised the specter of going all Web 2.0-y on the project, and who could resist?

If you’re reading this, please give feedback.  “I agree” is fine.  “I disagree” is better.  “I disagree and this is why” is even better.  And “I disagree and you’re a dumbass” is also acceptable (I’ve been a Free Scholar, I understand).

I’m aiming to update the WWW every Friday, with other updates throughout.

Suggestions for bloviation are, as always, welcome.

14 comments to Obligatory Justification of Existence

  • Dreya

    Hey, this constantly scrolling down to read your sage words is a pain in the butt.

  • admin

    I’m currently looking for a better theme option. Suggestions?

  • Dreya

    Mm, well, this is an improvement in layout, although the first was preferable in terms of color. Can you eat your cake and have it too?

  • admin

    Working at it. Going for something a blue-and-yellow scheme to go with my heraldry, but it’s going to be severely trial and error.

  • Sunneva

    I like the new digs.

  • Joe

    It would be nice if there was a way to easily move from reading comments to the main page. That way I wouldn’t have to rely on the back button working properly in order to continue reading the blog.

  • Joe

    I do suppose your intent is not that one would be reading the entire archive at once but rather the new entries only.

    • Yep, but I’ll see if there’s a way to improve navigation in the archives.

      • Gawin

        I think the easiest way to solve that is to either be more fastidious in our usage of tags on the articles or to attempt to create a “table of contents” of sorts for various topics such that postings can be grouped topically, especially for those that fall in a series, etc. I was planning to do something like that with the Agrippa posts, for instance, as they will largely become a body of literature that should be read together and in order.

        We could probably then separate content into categories like, “Italian Rapier”, “SCA Musings”, “Event Summaries”, “Teaching/Instruction”, “Melee Theory”, “Body Mechanics”, etc.

        It will be relatively easy to categorize new postings, but going back is going to be a pain.

        • Gawin

          Which are obviously largely the “categories” that already exist. I do, however mean that we should create a purpose-built “page” to serve as a table of contents rather than rely on the automatic aggregation that the site already does.

          • Wistric

            I like the idea. You’re right, though, going through 440 posts to standardize categorization will be a fairly monumental task.

            I’d add German HMA to the categories, something like “Physical Conditioning”, maybe “Announcements” for certain things.

            How many people want a spoon to go at this elephant?

          • Gawin

            I’ll start a Google Doc in the admin folder tonight.

  • Wistric

    Also, something along the lines of “Fight Psychology” would be useful.

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