Obligatory Justification of Existence   14 comments

A year and a half ago I started a small project to send a once-a-week e-mail to the Kappellenberg fencing e-mail list with some musing apropos of melee and combat in general, to try to spark some of the philosophical discussion that a fighter practice is not necessarily conducive towards.  The eventual goal would be to combine it all into a single document vaguely resembling a manual.

It lasted four e-mails, not necessarily on a weekly basis.  This is the way of things.

But recent developments raised the specter of going all Web 2.0-y on the project, and who could resist?

If you’re reading this, please give feedback.  “I agree” is fine.  “I disagree” is better.  “I disagree and this is why” is even better.  And “I disagree and you’re a dumbass” is also acceptable (I’ve been a Free Scholar, I understand).

I’m aiming to update the WWW every Friday, with other updates throughout.

Suggestions for bloviation are, as always, welcome.

Posted January 27, 2009 by wistric in Announcements

14 responses to Obligatory Justification of Existence

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