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Most of the Kappellenfechters headed up to Jamaica (no, Letia stayed home), VA this past weekend.

Vlad is a big fan of the melee training, so his coronation was a five man melee tourney.  It had originally been planned to be a “bring a team of up to 8 fighters.  You can field no more than 5 points [White Scarf = 2, auth’d less than a year = 0, everybody else = 1] at a time.”  That was an interesting idea, and I looked forward to seeing how the tradeoffs went.  Roz had put together a decently ringer-ish team, and it turned out so had Caitlin.  Which accounted for 16 out of the 27 fighters there.  Rather than having two ringer teams and one scratch team slug it out, each white scarf was given four non-scarves at random for their team.

My team was Benjamin, brand-spanking-new Free Scholar Jean-Maurice (who fought his prize that day), Gawin, and a Tir-y-doner named Thomas.

The format was a three-and-out bearpit.  I’m not a huge fan of three-and-outs.  Last Coronation it was a no-limit bearpit, but with wounds and deaths retained.  I prefer those, even for individual bearpits.

Our team did well overall, came in second or third, went three-and-out once, maybe twice.  I put Jean-Maurice in charge (nominally, the boy needs to be more decisive) and went and killed high value targets.  But here I’m going to step back and let other people talk.

So, you all who were there, how’d it go for you?


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