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This past weekend, Wistric, Aedh, Tassin, and myself drove up to Dante’s for the second of his Champions practices in Fredericksburg. Saturday was a tad bit rainy, but it didn’t really rain on us much. Fortunately it was quite a bit warmer than the last of these. In addition to the 5 of us, Brian De Morey, Dominyk, Simone, and Benjamin showed up. Because of the numbers, Dante opted for having people work some individual things rather than the planned mock champion’s fights.

I got some good feedback that included a few corrections to my guard from Dante and a suggestion that I attempt to “mimic” how certain provosts fight in order to learn how to respond. Interestingly, last night I realized that this was the exact same recommendation that my former roommate gave me regarding League of Legends. So, Ruairc, as a free scholar I think you should play League of Legends.

How did the practice go for the rest of you? What did you take away from it?


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