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Sunday I went to the regional fighter practice here in South Downs.   About eight fencers turned out and I got passes in with most.

Despite it being my birthday, and having planned to fight N+1 (where N is the number of your years on this planet, in my case 33) passes with everybody, I did not manage it.  I forgot to keep count through my first two opponents, then had an armor failure around pass 15 with my next opponent, and the fourth opponent was more of a teaching setting.  Oh well.  Maybe next Tuesday I’ll do the N+1.

There’d been plans prior to day-of for some melee, but that never materialized.  I’d been hoping to get a look at SOP for the Meridian army, but the turnout was a little low and intermittent.  One of the weirdest things for me to get used to is the scope of regions here.  Atlanta’s a barony, and within one hour of Atlanta is another barony and five shires.  Within an hour of Raleigh is Windmasters.  So, coming to the regional practice I was a little disappointed by the turnout and will need to spend some time recalibrating the scale.  Maybe melee next time?

The head of the Atlanta Freifechters did come out and teach some German longsword.  It was nifty stuff, and I think I’ll have to start seeking them out.

Meanwhile, we were not the weirdest people there.  Dagorhir showed up and started their boffer fighting.  There were a dozen or so of them.  One was dressed as a Jedi.  One was dressed as a goth in tophat, trenchcoat, and facepaint.  One was dressed as a goat.  I had to keep reminding myself that’s how we look to non-SCAdians.  Still.  A goat.

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