Giganti First Redux 1: Introduction

Four years ago, I worked through Nicoletto Giganti’s Scola, overa Teatro (as translated by Tom Leoni) and documented it on what was then Wistric’s Weekly Warfare.  In full disclosure, it was, I think, my third read through, but the most detailed and considered I’d been till that point.  It took the format of quoting an important line from Giganti’s book, and providing my interpretation of it, usually speaking as though I had clue.  Reading back through it, I didn’t (“I also sincerely believe that a fighter with single sword should be able to defeat any fighter of equal skill carrying sword and dagger.”  This was a thing I said).

Now, with the benefit of four more years of experience and application, and teaching him to others, and access to his second book (including the just-concluded workthrough of it) and Aaron Mediema’s translation, it might be time to take a look back at Scola and discuss Giganti’s system, now with Bonus Content.


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