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We understand the trepidation of some regarding this.  However, we also feel that a) The Royals will determine who will be in this order and after 50 years no set of Royals have been able to make any decision that has destroyed the SCA, so they probably won’t start now, and b) The result will be an Order of the very best, by all standards, of the Rapier Community.  We have faith in their ability to navigate around the potholes.

As you may have realized, we here at the Warfare like fighting.  What’s more, we strongly advocate the continued quest to improve ourselves on the fighting field and off.  We view the MoD as recognition for those who push further down this path than the vast majority, standing far out ahead of the field, and call us to join them.

We also suggest familiarizing yourselves with the changes to Corpora and Corpora‘s general definitions of a peerage (VIII.A).


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