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Since Wistric was unable to be at Pennsic this year, he asked me to write about the battles. First, a general overview:

The Windmasters’ group included Letia, Calli, and myself and we were placed under the command of Raphael as part of the southern regional unit. Our unit included the fighters from Black Diamond (Michael and Thomas) as well as Iain, Greylun (sp?), and for the town battle, the Triplette staff.

Descriptions and illustrations of the battlefield layouts can be found here:

Atlantia was allied with the East Kingdom this year, and on the Rapier field we were joined by Drachenwald, the West/An Tir/Caid (who all fought as one unit combined), and Ansteorra (even though they declared for Trimaris who declared for the Mid)
The town battle occurred Monday, the Woods battle occurred Tuesday, and The Plateau battle occurred Thursday. The descriptions of these battles are separate posts.


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