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Other People’s Stuff: Walter’s Rules   1 comment

Rufus Piggeboye (mka Walter Triplette) has a blackboard in his salle, whereupon has been write Walter’s Rules.  I will not be trying to develop Wistric’s Rules of One-on-one any time soon, because Walter has done the job far more thoroughly and clearly than I ever could.  Something about being a professional fencing coach and vendor […]

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Other Peoples’ Stuff: Pushing Back Against the Doomsayers   Leave a comment

Sir Corby has a post up about how the UVa practice got to where it is today.  Worth a read, especially in the local light of “how are we going to get a presence on campus”

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Other People’s Ideas: Two on One   2 comments

His Excellency Girard put together a post on how two squires should take on a knight.  It applies to fencers, too. Though I think he leaves out having Squire Meat fall back and back again as an option.

Posted February 27, 2009 by wistric in Musings

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