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Rufus Piggeboye (mka Walter Triplette) has a blackboard in his salle, whereupon has been write Walter’s Rules.  I will not be trying to develop Wistric’s Rules of One-on-one any time soon, because Walter has done the job far more thoroughly and clearly than I ever could.  Something about being a professional fencing coach and vendor of fencing gear means he has a much better grasp on this material than me.  But, here for your reference, the list:

  1. the best defense is not to be there. ( leaving is safer than parrying)
  2. if the opponent pretends to give an opening, pretend to take it
  3. move slowly to learn quickly
  4. if you know the location of your opponent’s blade a half second from now, you should win.
  5. to make your opponent move, you must make him feel it is in his best interests to do so.
  6. distance is time ( to go fast, go small)
  7. fight in your opponent’s territory
  8. set a pattern, then break it
  9. fight the opponent’s weakness, avoid his strength
  10. start actions slowly and smoothly, finish rapidly and smoothly
  11. attack when the opponent’s front foot is in the air and moving forward
  12. stay out of critical distance unless you plan to attack immediately

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