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Saturday, hanging out at Letia’s birthday party, Yzra said “I’m almost up to 100 pages translated!”  I thought about it, and how I’ve got all of 10 of those pages up for public consumption, and said, “We may need to take a new tack to getting these on the WW.”  “How so?  Just post one a month,” she said.  Doing some quick math, I said, “I’ll be caught up to where you are, right now, in two years.”  “Oh… hmmmm…”  And then we came up with this:

The German HMA posts will go up as pages from here on out, linked on the Paulus Hector Mair page of this site.

Once a week, I’ll make an update like this one, with what’s new on the PHM page.

This week in…

Sickle fighting:

Mair’s Sickle fight 4: Supera et Inferna Incisio – Wherein Wistric is pretty sure PHM forgot something very, very important.

Mair’s Sickle fight 5: Incisiones Duae Quibus Brachia Stringuntur – Groin strikes and arm bars, the art of gentlemen.

Peasant Staff fighting:

Mair’s Peasant Staff 1: Ictus Duo Superni Ex Fuste Agresti  – How to hit people with a branch.  I fricking love PHM.


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