Other People’s Ideas: Two on One

His Excellency Girard put together a post on how two squires should take on a knight.  It applies to fencers, too. Though I think he leaves out having Squire Meat fall back and back again as an option.

2 comments to Other People’s Ideas: Two on One

  • How do you mean “fall back and back again”? I’m curious if you’ve come up with another way out of the situation…

  • When Meat gets pushed, he falls back far enough not to entangle Green, and rotates to face the flanking Knight, and then falls back again to reform the two-man unit. If the Knight is still pressing and follows Meat in, he goes right into Green’s range with Green on his sword side.
    Using your images, Meat would fall back and then to the left. The two movements are necessary to guarantee that he doesn’t get pushed onto Green.

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