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Sort of.

I have gotten completely out of the habit of how to write and document these, so it’s going to be weak. That said:

The Foot is Alright

I’ve had two real practices where my foot felt fully functional, one baronial, one Kbergian (plus a couple of driveway fights).  At the baronial practice, fighting mostly those fighters I don’t get to fight on a regular basis, I was feeling the White Scarf.  They’d attack, I’d subtly counter, and they’d be dead.  I could go for that all day.

At last Thursday’s Kberg practice, there was not so much of the White Scarf Forcefield.  My form got a lot sloppier and my actions were much larger (this was in my driveway fighting, too).  Such is the result of being really out of shape.  On the other hand, fighting the Fabris Crew (Letia, Tassin, and Ruairc) was mentally stimulating, seeing how much of his tactics they were consciously working on and how much they’d internalized into their fighting. I’m just about done reading Capo Ferro for the first run-through, and will either restart Capo Ferro with notepad in hand, or may go chase the Fabris Crew and see what they’re learning.  Speaking of which, the Fabris Crew is supposed to be posting on here what they’re discussing (*nudge*nudge*).

Armand was out to practice a couple weeks back, and I listened in as he discussed Fabris’s concepts of finding the sword and abusing tempo with Ruairc, so I was trying some of that, too.  In my last fights with Letia I used an action of the sword to force a tempo while I performed a measure-narrowing step in with the rear foot, so that by the time she was countering I could lunge safely and strike.  It worked nicely, and it’s going in the Big Bag of Tricks to use against most fighters.  Not that I believe in maintaining a bag of tricks anymore.


Rachel continues to plow through her translations of Mair faster than we can study it in my driveway to develop an interpretation.  I’ve got the nearly-final version of the flails together, and they’re so much more awkward and realistic than the beta version.  It’s pretty awesome.  Now to get down their use so we can demo at some point.  Also, the beta version of the sickle trainers are ready, so we can switch over to those.  We’re at plate 6 or 7 out of 16, and Rachel’s already diving in on the next batch.

Holiday Faire

Is in two weeks and my giddy little self is looking forward to actually figuring out how rusty he’s gotten, or at least getting the usual “You’re the new Provost, I’m going to fight you so I can say I should be a Provost” treatment from non-White Scarves, which means I get lots of fights!

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