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Gulf Wars XXI (aka 2012) Part 2: The Field Battle   3 comments

aka the Warfare part Atlantia rallied bright and early at the Atlantian Field Pavilion (see Monday).  And there, Rapier Mom-in-Training Lily (Countess Kari is Rapier Mom-in-Charge) led us all through stretching and warmups.  As mentioned previously, she’s looking out for those of us who refuse to look out for ourselves, especially those of us with […]

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Gulf Wars XXI (aka 2012) Part 1: The not-really-fighting part   Leave a comment

Spring came to the SCA once more and we haj’ed on down to the Promised Land, where the booze flows freely, the fighting never stops, and there are no hangovers.  No, not Valhalla (but pretty damn close).  Yes, it was time to take a little trip, like Colonel Jackson, down the mighty Mississip, and go […]

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Lily’s advice for not injuring your back   Leave a comment

Depending on where you injured. And I find it really hard to type up instructions because it is easy to do more damage than good.  So listen to your body and Don’t Overdo it!  I only give you suggestions because I know you know how to stretch safely.  Scroll all the way to the bottom […]

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Ymir 2012: When I was 31, it was a pretty good Ymir   5 comments

Back like a 31 Year Old A week before Ymir, Tassin was over and we were talking about voids in a Fabrisian style.  With other styles, the inquartata ends up with a fairly vertical body line.  But from, say, Fabris’s first or second guards that would require raising a great deal of the body’s mass […]

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Questions for the Audience: Obedience in Melee   3 comments

In fencing there are certain actions you can take that demand a response from your opponent while simultaneously limiting that response to a knowable, small set of options. Example: I find your sword, you have to withdraw or change lines.  Changing lines gives me a tempo to attack in during which, as long as I […]

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Ymir 2012   6 comments

How was yours?   (Full dump coming later, but chime in with your thoughts on how your fighting went, how the fighting of the rest of the fighters went, how the event went overall, you know, the usual)

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Meet-and-beat at Gulf Wars   2 comments

Greetings all! So, I’m pretty sure there are some lurkers out there, in addition to all the Knowne Worlde fencers who comment here. Staffan and I were planning to cross blades at Gulf Wars on Tuesday morning, and I’d love to meet everybody else who might be there. Since a good chunk of the Atlantians […]

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Aethelmarc & Atlantia vs. The Knowne Worlde   4 comments

Aethelmarc and Atlantia are going to fight the East and the Mid at Pennsic. This is awesome.  If you’re a fencer. Most heavy fighters I’ve talked to think it’s stupid.  Not sure why. Some pelicans think Atlantia’s getting ripped off: The East, Mid, and Aethelmarc get a cut of the profits.  Atlantia doesn’t. But the […]

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Ice Castles 2012   5 comments

(Nothing like logging in and realizing you’ve got a backlog of posts to finish.  Oops, my bad gentle readers!) A couple weeks back, Letia and I piled in to her little matchbox hatchback and we hied our way up to Black Diamond.  Fighting season starts early in Atlantia (it really shouldn’t end: we need a […]

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Zombieland and Melee   2 comments

While I am very fond of Wistric’s Rules of Melee, a second viewing of Zombieland reminded me of just how useful some of the rules are, both on the field and, as it turns out, for marshals.  Also, some of them are not at all useful. “Cardio” – Almost goes without saying, doesn’t it? “Double […]

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