Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 28: Engagement

One of the old saws of the melee world is that if you ask somebody if they understand engagement, and they say ‘Yes’, they’re lying. They may not know it, but they really don’t understand engagement. There’s a simple reason: engagement is stupid. Or at least, any single definition of engagement is so insufficient as […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 27: “Fight Like Free Scholars”

Ed.’s note: After half a year’s worth of these, I’m starting to tap the bottom of my well. Feedback from readers as to what might be worth discussing is quite welcome at this point.

It’s time for another Wistric Parable of Somethingorother. Or possibly just pointless pontification. It’s my blog, I’ll cry if […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 26: Care and Feeding of Small Units

(must not make obvious jokes)

In honor of Tristan’s return to the Shire of Endewearde with a newfound appreciation for the Atlantian Way of fighting, and Miguel Mono de Hierro’s four-year mission to Hawkwood (And, seriously, at least 4 years dude) with a stated goal of raising an army of 18 year old thugs, I […]

WWW goes to Pennsic – Rapier Woods Battle

When we last left our intrepid hero, he was praying for the graceful embrace of oblivion on the grass outside of the woods rez point, after sucking down a freezy pop delivered by The Most Awesome Princess of the War. Alric came by and asked if I was up for another run at another flag, […]

WWW goes to Pennsic – in Armor!

I didn’t get in armor nearly enough this past year, and it showed on the armored field. I didn’t feel particularly effective, and my endurance was low. I have a plan to fix that, but it was interesting to be in the “Useless Newb” mindset, and have to remember all the things I tell new […]

WWW goes to Pennsic – the 5-Man Tourney

Wednesday was the greatest day of the year for small unit melee. Four years ago, the Atlantian 5-Man Tourney was the first thing I fought in after I authorized schlager, and it left a long and abiding impression on me. This year, Windmasters Hill took a team to the lists made up of Sir Johann, […]

WWW goes to Pennsic: Rapier Field Battles

Atlantia rallied for the field battle at 2pm on Monday. I, still sporting a wave in my hair from my recent use as a model in a headdress class (lots of pictures available, if you know where to look), headed out to the field with Her Excellency to see…

The Armored Forces of the Knowne […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 25: Town Battles

As I’ve mentioned, there is no greater rush on the melee field than the first clash in the woods. But given my druthers, I’d rather fight a town battle. While a woods battle is chock full of visceral rushes, no setting is more rewarding to a practiced melee fighter than a town battle. Here, […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 24: Field Battles

In general, when army-scale maneuvers are discussed, the field battle is what’s envisioned. Limited fronts preclude maneuvers, woods and towns tend to disrupt orderly movement and, often, create vulnerabilities even in well-organized lines.

“Field awareness” becomes supremely important now: Not that it isn’t in a Woods Battle, but on a field you can see the […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 23: Charging

For all good Atlantians, of course, “Lay On” means “Charge”. But usually what THAT means is “Run across the field and then stop outside of range”. That’s not so much charging as, well, running across the field and stopping outside of range. This is sensible, though: We’re all holding metallic stabby things. Running onto them […]