Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 22: Self-Assessment

This is the Beta 1.0 version of the questionnaire. Input is welcome

(Requested by and with input from Bastyaen Karrekijn de Leeu, and inspired by Dante di Pietro’s Self-Assessment class)

First, your goal. Complete this sentence:

On the […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 7: Après Melee

Melee is, in my experience, the second best way to spend an afternoon. And like the best thing, it’s recommended for all involved if you don’t just hop right up afterward and go play Nintendo. […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare #3: Conditioning

Nothing, and I mean nothing, saps your energy like combat. […]

Wistric’s Pet Peeve: Don’t Ask Stupid Questions

Seriously, folks, don’t ask stupid questions of the marshals. And ESPECIALLY don’t expose your strategy! […]