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Wistric Fighting Journal, Week of 5/14/2012   2 comments

Wow, it’s been a while since I did one of these.  I blame sloth, because it’s an easy target.  Slow moving and whatnot. For some of the below to make sense, it’s worth mentioning that while sparring a couple weeks back with Don David, I may have cracked a rib (don’t tell him).   Wednesday […]

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Saturday in the Salle   Leave a comment

Saturday at Way Too Damn Early, Gawin, Tassin, Antonio III, and Jana piled into the War Wagon and drove three hours down to Sir Christian’s place for a couple reasons: 1) I wanted to fight somebody, a lot of somebodies, now that my foot seems to be functional. 2) Christian recently got his hands on […]

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Journal, 10/31: For reals this time   Leave a comment

Sort of. I have gotten completely out of the habit of how to write and document these, so it’s going to be weak. That said: The Foot is Alright I’ve had two real practices where my foot felt fully functional, one baronial, one Kbergian (plus a couple of driveway fights).  At the baronial practice, fighting […]

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Journal, 10/31-ish, but really just “the past two months”   2 comments

This past week I actually got out and ran for the first time since Pennsic.  The foot endured it with little complaint, and let the rest of my body suffer from chronic slack-assitude.  Not, in and of itself, notable, but it does mean it’s time to get back to training and kicking ass and taking […]

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Journal 7/3, or the Melee Drill Experiment of the Week   Leave a comment

There aren’t really enough thoughts kicking around in my brain to warrant a full break down of last week’s fighting. Mainly, Dante came down and taught us Capo Ferro two Sundays ago, which was awesome, and we drilled it again this past Sunday. And on Saturday Nikulai authorized, I won a tourney, and I preached […]

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Journal, 6/20/2011   2 comments

What does Wistric do when he’s not posting on His Warfare?  Well, apparently, he forgets a lot of shit, like the whole past two weeks.  This started out as a summary of one week of fighting, until I realized I was conflating 14 days, and that I’d forgotten about an entire baronial practice.  Oops. So, […]

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Journal, 5/30   4 comments

Heyyy… so, yeah, it’s only been like 2 months since I did one of these journally thingies.  Not entirely sure why.  Some of it has to do with a certain amount of introspection and focusing on maintaining my current performance level for the time being (that performance level is “Pretty damn good”, though my form […]

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Journal, 3/21   1 comment

Here we come, screaming down off the high of Gulf Wars, and launching full bore into “Pennsic Prep.”  Because 5 months is not enough for those of us about to Iron Man Pennsic (EVERY war point, except maybe if the 5-man is opposite a heavy fight).  Cardio.  Fo shizzo. Tuesday Because I’ve been rusty, and […]

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Journal, 2/21   Leave a comment

Hey, look, actually writing one of these the week it happens.  Will wonders never cease.  Eh, they probably will.  Don’t hold your breath on next week. Anyway… drills!  Didn’t happen this week.  They’re being moved to Sundays afternoon, starting this coming Sunday, so the only opportunity I had to put a sword in my hand […]

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Journal, 2/14   Leave a comment

It’s the week of Ymir, which means accelerating towards ass-kickery. At Wednesday drills we did our usual footwork and advance-lunge, and started working the Priest Drill extra hard.  Then we started in on the Drill of 5 Things, doing the pressure/no-pressure step until it was right. At Thursday practice, Roz showed up so I could […]

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